Small businesses are NYC’s largest employer. In 2014 and 2015, we asked 100+ small business owners and advisors about their older workers. Time and time again we heard stories of workers who are critical to a business’s operations and survival. Owners also told us that paying special attention to retaining and hiring older workers is one of the simplest solutions to common staffing challenges they face, like frequent worker turnover, skill shortages and succession planning.

The Age Smart Industry Guides: How NYC Small Businesses Use Older Workers to Solve their Staffing Challenges  are the result of these conversations. They are filled with peer-to-peer advice on solving staffing challenges and thinking about age as an asset when building a small business team. Businesses in the guide come from all boroughs and include city landmarks, neighborhood stalwarts and up and coming destinations.

Fact Sheets on Age Smart Practices
Read these fact sheets to better understand the importance and implications of an aging workforce. They include helpful stats, examples of strategies businesses have used and suggestions for your own workplace. Download the Fact Sheets here.


Compendium Of Strategies & Practices
The Age Smart Employer Awards began by consulting with a research advisory panel to develop an evidence-based compendium of current strategies and practices of an age-smart workplace. This compendium will serve as the basis for application guidelines and evaluations. Download the compendium here.


Age Smart Employer Spotlight Business
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